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The East Ventures has a number of historical and ongoing partnerships:


Hoopoeh consists of a small but highly effective team of professionals that develops and implements new growth initiatives on global scale. Our strength is that we work at the intersection of strategy and commercial roll out. We are specialised in helping companies to innovate through collaboration. We believe bottum up decentralized innovation is the future. Let's cooperate to innovate!
In order to grow, you need to innovate. Hoopoeh catalyses top line growth by realizing end to end innovation. We frame future proof business models, develop technology driven new company structures and subsequently help driving them to the market. We do not belief in conceptual non commercial approaches. Initiative, responsibility and entrepreneurship are key.

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Orvaal Limited

Orvaal Limited brings together highly skilled professionals with advanced systems to handle your projects efficiently. Technical knowledge and offshore development experience translates into value for our clients. With the HQ in London, Orvaal operates teams of highly skilled professional located in UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Romania. We work with global companies and provide them with outsourced services spanning complete life cycle of products and applications. Dedicated teams are focused on technology areas which enable Orvaal to build high competency across multiple development architectures. Orvaal Ltd is a registered contractor of the United States Defense Supply Center. NCAGE: U03V0, DUNS: 719305737.

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Blendys is the project that brings the most advanced and convenient to use tracking & notification tool.
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