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"When I contacted the East Ventures, more specifically the East Consulting and the East Bridges I knew I would get support and answers to my challenges… but in truth I received more than that. The East Ventures’ Involvement, Passion and Commitment drove me think deeper, beyond and ultimately expose myself to looking at those challenges in a completely new way, giving me a refreshed outlook on issues and to think outside the limits of common wisdom. Furthermore I was introduced to new business contacts and segments which have expanded my professional network and with whom I am now regularly interact with and leverage from. I can whole heartily encourage you to contact the East Ventures in order to experience the benefits of their insights on your own business matter so that they can benefit and grow from it."
Esteve Hartensveld // Senior Recruiter/Associate Director at Ernst & Young

"I have engaged with the East Consulting and Dawn, my main purpose was to seek a strong counter part able to challenge my current situation and allow me to set up the next steps. Within the East Consulting: I have appreciated the East Consulting methodology, 360o analysis, no boundaries to scenarios and opportunities and finally providing me with strong material about why mine was the best possible conclusion. The East Dawn: the business of start up is complex and at the same must stay as simple as it can be… while in the run, we often are dragged into very confronting matters and due to our involvement lose prospective. The East Dawn has supported in creating multiple scenario analysis in order to bring all facts on the table and with it reach the best possible decision in relation to ‘life & death’ of a new business. While it might feel unconventional at first, I do advice you to reach out the East Venture and you will be impressed by the world of opportunities that you will be exposed to."
Mashad Bani Aman // Senior Manager at Accenture


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